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Dust on the human body, what harm

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Dust on the human body, what harm

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When in the 8h, workshop average dust concentration of less than 1 (mg / m3), harmless concentrations in 1 to 3 (mg / m3) range, there are certain hazards, higher than 3 (mg / m ), the greater the harm, the maximum allowable value of 10 (mg / m3), so individual dust sampler is necessary.

Dust does not directly hurt, but the respiratory tract and eyes and other organs will cause great harm。 Dust particle size greater than 10 microns shorter residence time in the air in respiration can be efficiently retained in the upper respiratory tract, do not enter the alveoli, but due to wood dust containing creosote, a substance from a variety of phenols and hydrocarbons, and highly carcinogenic substance, in the long run, workers would part with bronchitis, asthma and emphysema, and even cancer。

Wood flour particle size less than 10 microns or less, directly into the human lung tissue, settling in the alveoli, may cause chronic fibrotic lung tissue, and even lead to pulmonary heart disease, cardiovascular disease and a series of diseases. And these substances can also be inhaled more contaminants or bacteria into the lungs, causing great harm to the human body. If you inject dust or fly into people's eyes, it can cause damage, affecting the normal operation. In addition to wood dust is one of the most dangerous flammable, easy to cause a fire. In addition, the suspension of dust will increase the production equipment abnormal wear and shorten the life of equipment, increasing maintenance costs, resulting in can not be underestimated the impact on business and economic output.

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